How To Make A Rented Property Feel Like Home

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How To Make A Rented Property Feel Like Home

Exasperating to make a unfertile rented property that is negated of a personal trace feel like home can be upsetting, especially if your landowner needles you a long list of what not to do when you move in. However, living in a rented apartment or house does not have to be as dreary and limited as some of you think. And that’s where this blog comes in! I have compiled a list of five surefire ideas that can transform your unit into a home.

Showcase resources off the walls
As mentioned before, drilling holes and banging nails into the walls may not be an option, yet this does not mean that you cannot show off your treasures. Use mantelpieces and stylish side tables go showcase art, personal pictures, and other decoration pieces. Seriously, you do not have to hang things on the wall to add a warm glow to your property.

Prop up a reflect
Mirror, mirror on the wall… or not? If your landlord does not want you to drill holes into the walls, it may be difficult for you to adorn these spaces with large, lavish mirrors that boast unique frames. However, that does not mean that your home must be deprived of these magnificent reflective accessories.
Choose a prop-up mirror with a stand to decorate your drawing room, bedroom, or any other space in your home. This makes the room appear to be significantly larger and also adds a sophisticated touch to the interior. The best part? You can pick it up and take it anywhere with you when you move … without leaving a mark on your landlord’s precious walls!

Light it up
Lighting is super important and getting creative with lights is what can transform your rented abode into a comfortable haven. Choose funky or intricately designed lampshades or large, structured freestanding lamps to jazz up your interior. When you move out of this rented property, you can simply carry your lamps with you and replicate this look in your new house.
Try experimenting with colours and designs and make sure your lampshades or structured lights go well with the rest of your furniture.
Invest in detachable markers
One of the most frustrating things about living in a rented property is having to bear boring, plain white walls or walls of a horrendous colour that don’t go well with your furniture at all. While using wallpaper may be out of the question as your landlord may not allow it, you can try removable self-adhesive wall stickers to decorate your interior. These can particularly brighten up the baby’s nursery or the kitchen, especially if you put up bright, beautifully patterned stickers.
Go heavy on the carpets
To liven up the interior, use colourful rugs wherever you can. Investing in a enduring carpet is not the best idea, but beautiful rugs will enhance your décor wherever you go.
Try hand-woven or fluffy rugs that match the colour of your curtains, or experiment with bolder patterns. It depends on the look you’re trying to achieve.

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